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November 11, 2007

The Silver Seas, formerly (and the real) The Bees

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Gosh, I almost forgot how great this band was. Recently on my iTunes shuffle I stumbled onto “Hard Luck Tom” and this remarkable urge struck me to find out how the good ole Bees were doing. At first glance in this reunion, I noticed (It’s kinda hard not to) that the name of the band was changed, and their amazing album High Society was being re-released under their new name, The Silver Seas. This hit a personal nerve because of the fact that there were two seperate bands, both called The Bees, one from the UK, and one from the US, and to me, the US band was a favorite hands down. The US side had such a jolly alt-folk sound that rang with clever turns, and the UK side never really did it for me, they never showed me anything different. While listening to High Society, I feel like it’s the a country laid back score to a Wes Anderson film, and the artwork and Futura font doesn’t hurt with my theory.


-> The Silver Seas- Hard Luck Tom [mp3]
-> The Silver Seas- Imaginary Girl [mp3]


July 31, 2007

i love you too, but i’m going to mase you in the face

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It’s the cutest thing since Meghan Fox. It’s pretty, and colorful, and unique, and carefully crafted. It’s a Wes Anderson piece. It should be lovely.

Songs from the trailer: MP3s: The Kinks- Strangers, The Kinks- This Time Tomorrow


May 28, 2007

Asa Breed


Ghostly International sure does have some eclectic electronic groups on call [Roster]. This label has always produced great electronic muzak, and this specific release is another great example. Matthew Dear really branches out and takes his time to create something special with this release. Electronic is climbing in my genres of liking because of releases like this, YACHT’s,
LCD’s, and Justice’s.


Matthew Dear- Deserter
Matthew Dear- Midnight Lovers

and in other recent news… What is interesting on blogs lately

– The two tracks from Tegan & Sara‘s new disc, The Con featured on Neile’s Life are outstanding, love “Back In Your Head” especially, I cannot stop listening to it.

The Bravery‘s “Above and Below” is a remarkable feat in indie rock from a band that didn’t really start out that way. Great find on @indiechristoph@ (P.S.- The new album The Sun and the Moon is really cool, good tracks and a pretty solid consistent listen, if you didn’t like the Bravery before, I beg you to give them a second chance with this new CD).

I Guess I’m Floating has a new track from DH favorite: The Little Ones. Always a good thing.

Now for the Films that I have not been talking about

Movies movies movies, I have not been keeping my share of talk of movies up to par. But I hope to cover everything that is just going to kick so much tail that the second half of this year will be cinemorgasmic (Oh yeah I just did that).

Iron Man [IMDB Me]: Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man! Although that is a risky choice I feel a great match, Downey is such a great actor, always has these smooth and cunning lines that just flow so calmly, and him as an action hero will be something interesting to see.

Watchmen [IMDB Me]: 300 director Zack Snyder is at it again, this time with my favorite Alan Moore graphic novel, The Watchmen. I’m real excited who will all get casted, rumors are already up about Gerard Butler (King Leonidas), Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Patrick Wilson (Little Children) and many others. Check out that full report here and cross your fingers like me that this will give justice to the real thing. Leave some if you have any input on who you think the casters should cast.

The Informers / The Canyons [IMDB InformersRandom Canyons]: Bret Easton Ellis is busy with work, the screenplay adaptation of The Informers short stories is finally ready to be made, and Ellis has also booked a time on the Showtime map for his TV series script work titled simply The Canyons (Said to be a horror soap opera, hopefully tied to being a modern day Twin Peaks in the desert. I could not be more excited).

There Will Be Blood [IMDB Me]: So excited for this piece of work, we are apparently in post-production right now, but not verified. Still waiting for a highly anticipated trailer, and basically any breakthrough news at all at this point. Here’s a site that knows a lot more about it than I, and here’s one that has pictures from the set.


The Darjeeling Limited [IMDB Me]: This poster above is NOT real, it is just simply badass and cool in my opinion, and gets me excited with a tangible item for the real thing. What else can be said? Wes Anderson makes a specific type of film that is just so remarkable, funny, and always necessary to watch.

Other than that, I am excited for Be Kind Rewind by Michel Gondry, following Jack Black and Mos Def as video store clerks who venture to re-create video tapes that they had destroyed to satisfy their one loyal customer, Mia Farrow. And then there is also the mysterious Inglorious Bastards, a pre-Grindhouse buzz picture about WW2 by Quentin Tarentino, that up to know, has been shrinking in hype, and I barely hear anything about it anymore. WTF? But it is late, and my fingers are sore. So goodnight, and enjoy.

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