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December 9, 2007

speed racer

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Wow. This is the coolest looking thing I’ve seen for a while. Check out the trailer because the Wachowski Brothers are looking to make a revolutionary picture here. Looks more than a tad bit interesting…


November 26, 2007


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I do not think I have ever been more frightened / curious / wait f*cking frightened to see a film before. Take a peek at the trailer. But be careful, this picture should serve well as an idea of what you’re in for before seeing this film.

August 16, 2007

Acoustic Ordeal of Joy feat. Rogue Wave

On listening to Rogue Wave’s new album – Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, it is quite clear that Zach Rogue has a hunch for the acoustic guitar. The mash (sorry to use a word so negative as mash to describe something so wonderful and beautiful) that flows between his voice and the slow smooth strums of the acoustic guitar is something completely original, completely in a league of it’s own (style of it’s own as well). The feelings these sounds evoke are those of seasonal feelings, I see Fall and Winter. I had to sadly delete some songs from my most recent playlist and move them to Fall and Winter playlists simply because the feeling of walking down a leaf covered pathway that shines yellow, gold, orange, amber, red, and fire all bundled up in a sweatshirt as cool wind sharply surrounds you, or the feeling of awaking late on a Saturday, smothered in blankets. Staring out the window to see the gentle but never-ending snow fall on a planet that seems as if it were born with sheets of white ice covering it. I can really tell that these songs mean something when I can just imagine these situations in my head. It is quite unbelievable. As for you Summer fans, the rest of the album serves well to your tastes. As for you muzak fans, just listen to the CD and you will be pleasantly satisfied.


Rogue Wave- Christians In Black (DISAPPEAR HERE’s highly recommended / personal favorite [Winter / Fall] )

*** Bonus ***

I’m getting all rappy happy for the new Kanye West, and I stumbled upon to this little jingle, I enjoyed it.

MP3: Kryscbang- Candylady

And… Watch this thang.

Reservation Road [2007]

August 13, 2007

Be Kind Rewind Trailer

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Sorry, been very very busy lately with prepping for leaving for school and such. Great trailer give it a look. Can’t wait for the film.

July 3, 2007


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Well in two days I depart to Michigan, and I’m not sure how the trip will effect my blogging status. May decrease in quantity, may stay the same. Heck it may even get better. Just letting you know. Other stuff include:

See this Movie and listen to these songs

I strongly recommend the new movie Control [IMDB Me, Wiki Me]. It’s mainly focused around the life of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis from his wife’s, Deborah, experiences. The film is wonderfully made, and fantastically addicting, and along with me recommending it, so do the fine people at Cannes.

mp3: Joy Division- Disorder

Here’s the trailer.

June 20, 2007

twbb: “i have a competition in me,”


That was the first word that came out of my mouth after viewing the new snippet trailer from Paul Thomas Anderson’s film: There Will Be Blood [IMDB Me]. I am speechless. The cinematography looks exquisite, from the small talk we hear, it sounds creepy and depth-diving. And finally the song at the end and the font used just culminates to give the vibe that something real big is going to come from it all.

That’s that. And this is this.

Here are a hand full of new Interpol songs that just sound bad (got you, only in quality), but sound pretty much same old kickass Interpol sound as they ever have.



Interpol- All Fired Up (**DH Personal Favourite**. Highly Recommended)
Interpol- Rest My Chemistry
Interpol- Pioneer to the Falls
Interpol- The Scale

I mean… Did you expect anything less?

p.s.– Have I ever expressed how much I love this album cover. One of my favourites of the year.

So long, posts should be getting upped more. For Graduation from High School is tomorrow, and Summer is now upon us. And from the likes of everything, the scene really seems to be picking up.

May 24, 2007

boo safari

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Geez, talk about frustrating. For the past 2 days anytime I wold try to make a new post, edit a new post, Safari would just shut down on me. I always have loved Safari too, it’s always been reliable, but I needed to get some posts out, so substituting right now is Firefox. Quite frankly, I’m going to say it right now, I miss Safari, and I hope whatever bug is messing it up, gets gone fast or else there’ll be hell to pay.

mp3: The Beach Boys- Surfin’ Safari

Next order of business is the new Beastie Boys CD. Info has been released that it is a “post-punk instrumental” album. Woah, woah slow down here. Not something that sounds like something I will want to hear over typical Beastie Boys. But, just when I was getting scared, I saw that Mike D exclaimed that the instrumental thing is not something new that will stick, for they are going to release another copy sometime later with collaborations with “newer artists”. So there, I’m backed to being heavily pumped up.

I’ll try to catch up.

May 20, 2007

cool cameo

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April 15, 2007

rainy sunday and amy regan and entourage and thanksgiving and backwards order

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Plymouth Murder Movie, I wish it was real.

Now. I never fully critiqued last Sunday’s evening of mass entertainment (hence The Sopranos followed by the enchanting and addictive Entourage [p.s. by the way. When does Big Love start up again?]), but here I have the divine chance to, only hours before the second establishments of both of their seasons.

Now, The Sopranos debut episode of their last season was very approapriate. It started off with a little twist of the past plotline that gave a peek into the ever-growing case against Anthony Soprano, and after every thing (seemingly) cleared out of that early hassle, the episode entered a very calm setting in which it was very familiar to (cough cough last season). In a cabin, on the lake, still waters, drinks very comforting…Until the ever so haunting Monopoly is played, this time the drinks are at a point where there not so much comforting but damaging. I believe this was the most crucial scene in the entire episode. It was pretty much Tony getting beaten in a fight by Bobby, it symbolized Tony’s upcoming and slow downfall from the top, he cannot even defeat his brother-in-law in a scuffle that is reminiscent of two grizzly bears wrestling, a brother-in-law who usually takes all the smack Tony talks, who plays with trains, who cannot even stand up to his own son’s rebellions, who hasn’t even killed a person yet, which brings me to the second most crucial scene. Tony assigns a hit for Bobby to carry out because Tony believes he can catch Bobby in a situation that emasculates Bobby, and thus makes Tony the stronger of the two, but instead he makes a very critical error. Bobby follows through with the hit, and “popps his cherry,” if you will, and he enters this new state of balance. He enters a postition of confidence and power because of his beating of Tony and his strength to kill a man. Am I saying that Bobby is going to try to take over? Or even think it? No, I’m just not ruling it out, and remember the main idea of the episode in my opinion was the beginning of Tony’s (what will be) slow downfall. and P.S. Christopher’s 3 second cameo made me laugh for minutes, and minutes after the show as well.

On to Entourage, the show never ceases to amaze me. Bright lights, big city, big star, his friends, Victoria’s Secret, Skyy, and Ari Gold. Is MedellĂ­n really available?, and Is there something inside Vince that really does want him to get back with Ari?

* * * *

Now to Amy Regan. Amy Amy Amy Regan. I know of her through a friend, and he hooked me up with her promotional EP or something like that. And it’s wonderful. Amy is graduating from Skidmore this year and is already on the rise, she’s even played some nights at CBGB’s a while back in her Junior year. But anyway this girl has some pretty noticeable talent. Her voice really barrels through anything you would suspect from a rookie of this sort and takes you by full suprise, its beautiful and raw and it really speaks in my opinion. And also, the instrumentals are just as needed than the vocals, which from up to this point I thought was her majority quality, but I was way wrong. The melodies really grab you and take you into a place, more specifically a place in a certain season (Mostly Fall and those rainy Spring days*). A great little listen from someone who will be turning lots of heads in music world in the near future. *Now to my final area of discussion. The rain. Today is one of those rainy spring days, and I love it. Drenched with a hangover from a long last Saturday night of my sprang break, a nice rainy day is just exactly what I could have dreamed for. Nothing beats sitting around, watching movies, being lazy, mixing the Pom Juice with sparkling water, and just straight up relaxing on a Sunday, nothing does. Enjoy Amy. Always with love…BK

mp3: Amy Regan- Carry On (p.s. I think I do shiver at the chorus when the words “so carry on then carry on” are whispered)

mp3: Amy Regan- I’ll Take the Wine

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