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January 18, 2008

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 (20-17)

So sorry for taking a miniature hiatus to just get re-aquainted with college life and re-situated in my living arrangement. I would say everything’s pretty much organized and I’ve been to each one of my classes at least once, so the stress of changing lanes back into this autonomous style is almost completely gone. I’ll try to speed up with these top 44 album posts to the best of my ability and I also have some more plain ole regular posts that are ready to boogy all over the interworld. So hopefully this weekend will be the time for me to get back on the tracks and to finish off the first blogging month of the new year with some triumphant production.

20. rogue wave : asleep at heaven’s gate

Rogue Wave seems to mature as a band as they continue to release new material. This being their third album, it is, in my opinion, their best efforts to date. Each song is carefully crafted with masterful acoustic works and wonderfully hushed vocals. The success of this band can only grow at this point, I mean, they already have one of their songs hitting the TV waves in a new commerical (for the life of me I cannot remember which one). Overall, this band’s ability to create pop gems and soft sounding miracles takes them very far with this release. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Chicago X 12”.

M P 3s

buy asleep at heaven’s gate here.

19. imaginary baseball league : unfinished / untitled

No loss to music this year saddened me as much as the loss of The Imaginary Baseball League, through ragged guitar riffs and soft vocals that screamed emotion in a timid manner this band prevailed as one of my favorites of the year. Unfortunately the album that made it on my list this year is their final roundup of tracks, not even compiled in enough time to be given a proper title. Although it is a loss of a band that would have went on to tackle great feats, we are left behind with an unbelievable effort that will raise desire and nostalgia for many years to come. I hope you guys keep making music somehow though. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Gambling”.

M P 3s

download the rest of the unfinished / untitled album here, along with the rest of the previous releases.

18. the lightning bug situation : a leaf ; a stream

The Lightning Bug Situation’s A Leaf ; A Steam was perhaps the most beautifully quiet album I have ever heard. Each whisper and soft guitar pick sneaks up on you and calmly places its hand on your shoulder, not to scare you, but to comfort you. While listening to this album, whether it be the monotone poetic vocals or the deeply personal conversations that were recorded over lush acoustic sessions, you seem to sink deep into the most relaxing state you can be in. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Sir, A Loss”.

M P 3s

buy a leaf ; a stream here.

17. the most serene republic : population

This album simply explodes with energetic and emotional indie rock. Coming from the roots of the likes of Broken Social Scene, you can see why they lie within the very family-like Arts & Crafts Record Label. I first started noticing The Most Serene Republic’s rapid improvement during their Phages EP. On their first album, which I did enjoy, I didn’t see it as anything more than messy noise rock with tons and tons of instruments, but on Phages and this, it is all organized in such a complex and amazing way that one cannot help but stop and be dazzled by the spectacle of one of any of the songs on this record. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Sherry and Her Butterfly Net”.

M P 3s

buy population here.

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part i (44-41)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part ii (40-37)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iii (36-33)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iv (32-29)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part v (28-25)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part vi (24-21)


January 10, 2008

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 (24-21)

I feel like I always have to say something before the first banner for the highest marked album of that batch appears smack dab in the middle of your screen, immediately after the initial post banner. So I guess I can say a few things about how much I love this group of albums. Everytime I look at the next 4 coming up, I wonder at what I possibly could have put in front of them. The albums on this list come from the past, or a rare genre on the list, giving me very personal experiences that stick out when I think of and listen to them. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun I had listening to these because these are 4 quality albums of 2007, and there’s 20 more coming soon.

24. kate walsh : tim’s house

I have to praise that giant zip file that comes only one time a year to serve our hunger for SXSW samples simply because of all the albums it has led me to. I heard the beginning guitar notes picked in “Your Song” and instantly started praying, praying that the voice would be at least half-way decent, when Kate Walsh sang that first note, I could tell that there was something pretty life-changing about this artist, and in peticular, that song. Months passed before I actually checked out all of Tim’s House, but I found myself (and still find myself) arguring with myself on what the best track of the album was, and I never seem to conclude anything substantial. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Your Song”.

M P 3s

buy tim’s house here.

23. the forms : self/titled

This was a rather late addition to my list, but I still support my impulsive decision to throw it this high on the list. The disc has been on rotation in my recent iPod playlist, and none of it has gotten old at all. The tranquil but horrifying guitar riffs that are anchored by a soft echoing voice that can spring into calm yells to emphasize every bit of beauty coming through the headphones carries through every single track on this album. Yet each song has it’s own neat little something going on. In my humble opinion, this is a band that you will be able to rely on to release innovative and wonderfully fresh sounding music in the future. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “White Dot”

M P 3s

buy the forms here.

22. of montreal : hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?

This release garnered a lot of positive reviews and attention for this very glamourous indie outfit, and it deserved every bit of it. Of Montreal has been crafting quiet masterpieces for several years now, but on Hissing Fauna it just seems like every puzzle piece slides perfectly into place while the band shoots out harsh guitar riffs and lyrics that actually threaten and demand instead of ask. Every song has miles of twists and turns that turns the experience of the entire album into an unforgettable one on that old turntable. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “She’s a Rejector”

M P 3s

buy hissing fauna, are you the destroyer? here.

21. lil wayne : tha carter iii (the leak)

What can I say about Lil Wheezy? This year has been higher than monumental for the Louisiana-native rapper. Every croak he lets out rolls smooth as if riding down a slide while nouns adjectives and verbs twist into a cyclone of talented and intelligent rap. For instance:

“and I am stuck inside of an ashtray like a cigarette but my heart pumps gasoline, and does she know that I just crashed and burned, now here comes the smoke.”

Even if you forget about Tha Carter III’s incredible force, than you can look at Lil Wayne in 2007 from a broader view. Then you’ll probably discover his some 15 mixtapes and freestyles that he seemingly released effortlessly. Lil Wayne has been the hardest rapper working at rap and not the business this year, and he does deserve the claim he loves to say,“The Best Rapper Alive”. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “I Know the Future”.

M P 3s

buy tha carter iii leak here.

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part i (44-41)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part ii (40-37)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iii (36-33)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iv (32-29)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part v (28-25)

other blogs have cooler music than disappear here

semi-true. That’s about the first thing I can say about that. This day has been filled with indifference and a sloppy workout for my first visit to the local Y, which I’ve had membership too? Anyway, no parties emerged from the underworld of this small town because my own house and my good friend’s house (the two major “hotspots” for underage boozing partays) have been shut down due to excessive amounts of alcohol being consumed, people and fights that sprouted from absolutely nothing, and also, the kiddies 1 and 2 years younger than my friends and I have hikes-school tomorrow. To sum it all up, I had a lotta spare time tonight, and it hit me that non was spent blogging. Well when I began a new top 44 post, I was struck with a rush of procrastination and started fumbling through my blogroll to find blogs I have not seen for ages to salvage numerous mp3 files. So I came up with some good ones, and I felt like I should show ’em off, and give you guys my top picks of the litter. But as a note, it should be marked, that D i s a p p e a r H e r e also has it’s strengths, I believe we present some noteworthy tracks as well as these other blogs do.


January 7, 2008

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 (28-25)

This batch of albums really gives me the shivers, which is technically a great thing, but it also means that I’m getting down to the really personal albums of 2007.

The one thing that I actually treasure from the fact that the majority of these posts are coming in January and probably even February 2008, is that I can look back at where I was when I listened to that one album hundreds of times. The nostalgia is a fantastic high from where albums like these take shelter inside one’s memory.

Enjoy this batch of shiners.

28. kanye west: graduation

I anticipated this album for months on end, just waiting for what innovations Kanye would put into the album that would end up affecting the hip-hop world. Kanye takes chances. It’s simple and abrupt, and the chances he takes usually pay off in some grandiose way. Whoever would have thought a backing beat of Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger” would take the cake of most downloaded song of the year? Eh, I guess if someone told me that before I heard “Stronger” I would have been like, “wow that sounds fucking awesome,” thank you Kanye for proving what I would have said to be correct. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Stronger”.

-> Kanye West- Flashing Lights (feat. Dwele) [mp3]
-> Kanye West- Homecoming (feat. Chris Martin) [mp3]

buy graduation here.

27. wilco: sky blue sky

This was an album that never really got me on the first, second, or even third listen. It wasn’t until my excessive rocking out to “Impossible Germany” that I began to recognize this albums simple beauty. Wilco is a band that makes complex structured folk songs that turn out sounding so simple and wonderful. But when that guitar cries out on several of the tracks, it really hits you. This is not very simple after all, but it is still really quite beautiful. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Impossible Germany”.

-> Wilco- Impossible Germany [mp3]
-> Wilco- What Light [mp3]

buy sky blue sky here.

26. yacht: i believe in you. your magic is real.

I didn’t get into this album until a couple months after its release, and it really is not like anything I have ever heard before. Practically starting a new genre of complex and confusing beat arrangements from laptops, YACHT succeeded triumphantly by even collecting a fancy fan base that took his style into indie cult status. The entire album explodes with energy and emphasis while not even using a real instrument. It makes the future of music look kind of interesting. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “So Post ‘Em All.

-> YACHT- I Believe In You [mp3]
-> YACHT- So Post ‘Em All [mp3]

buy i believe in you. your magic is real. here.

25. the new pornographers: challengers

I can be listening to this album right now and it could be improving on my list. Basically, number 25 does not speak for “Challengers” potential. This disc is a complete collection of perfectly crafted alternative pop songs. Each with their own little niche that curls up and takes their own spot on the best couch in your body. A.C. Newman and company continue to build as one indie rock’s most productive and influential bands because of their on spot work ethic and ever-growing experience and talent. If this isn’t TNPs at their peak, then gosh darn I am excited for whatever their gonna release next. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “My Rights Versus Your’s”.

-> The New Pornographers- Go Places [mp3]
-> The New Pornographers- Challengers [mp3]
-> The New Pornographers- Adventures In Solitude [mp3]

buy challengers here.

top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part i (44-41)
top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part ii (40-37)
top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iii (36-33)
top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iv (32-29)

Politica and The Golden Age

Well primaries are pretty much right around the corner, and it occured to me last night after the double-header of debates that this election will be one for the books. I consider myself an understanding and reasonable person, so I can’t find myself completely leaning towards one party. I guess I do hold a majority of conservative views, but I am tolerant and even at some points I agree with stands some of the Democratic candidates garner. Just as the candidates are bracing for the final straight of primary electing, I myself buckle in for serious attention to politics, so for the next few months you may be seeing more politically aimed themes: candidates; breaking news, that kind of stuff, every once in a while.

And for a bonus I’ll toss in some new tracks from the new American Music Club album, The Golden Age.

The album sounds great. Mark Eitzel sounds great and comfortable with Vudi still at his side stirring up mesmerizing riffs that can either be so natural that they go unnoticed in the beautiful fog of everything going on in the song or they can jump right in your face leaving you helpless and a lucky victim. There are so many wonderfully crafted tracks on this album to prove that Eitzel makes magic where he has collaboration, and it saddens me that I can’t share all of them with you immediately because of how much of an indulgence it all can be, but the CD will hit shelves sometime this February, so try to be patient.

“I said to my friend Kit, I know I’m just a tourist but it’s your New York duty to turn a tourist frown upside down. So he took me to a patry for fire-eaters, we did drugs in the toilet, yeah, we were so downtown.”

-> American Music Club- The Grand Duchess of San Francisco [mp3] (* * * D i s a p p e a r H e r e Highly Recommended * * *)
-> American Music Club- The Windows of the World [mp3]
-> American Music Club- On My Way [mp3]

January 4, 2008


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It’ll be one hell of a weekend when Vampire Weekend’s self titled hits shelves. The album has had me mesmerized for days now (along with Heretic Pride and Lucky, but mainly this), but one song in particular has been on repeat for me. It’s that type of song that you sort of pass by on first listen of the album, strictly because of sheer excitement to hear an opening riff or drumbeat that will capture your ears in fascinated interest. The type of song that comes on simply because your playlist has been going through the songs as you are doing something else (most likely Madden or being high), as it plays, you listen to it with more attention, more attention then to a song that you would have picked to play. Your interest increases because of that hint of wonder of why this song passed by unnoticed in the first place. Then finally, appreciation hits. Basically, your entire body is flooded with appreciation. You feel it everywhere, in your arms, in your legs, in your fingers, in your toes, in your ears, in your day-dream. The song becomes a giant blanket of warmth for your entire body, and in the instances of your life while your listening to this song, you create a personal relationship with the song, that will probably never be lost. It’s that type of song.

-> Vampire Weekend- Walcott [mp3] (**DH** Highly Recommended)

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 (32-29)

It seems these posts will be dipping into the new year, and there’s no way around that, I’ll try my honest best to get them out there for those who want some quality tracks or just a few bridges to some good music, thanks for being patient.

32. chris garneau: music for planes

The first time I listened to Chris Garneau, I was struck with the sounds of sharp similarities to that of Sufjan’s work. Sufjan has been my favorite artist for quite some time now, so that definitely caught my attention. As I continued to play Garneau’s music casually, it become more apparent to me that he had a completely different sound, one that was his very own. His hush whispers of haunting lyrics over beautiful piano melodies never failed to amaze me, and I still get shivers listening to this album even after so many months and so many spins. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Relief”.

-> Chris Garneau- Castle-Time [mp3]
-> Chris Garneau- Blue Suede Shoes [mp3]

buy music for tourists here.

31. loney, dear: loney, noir

I remember hearing the first song I ever encountered from Loney, Dear, “The City, The Airport”, and when I saw that the Swedish native behind the band, Emil Svan√§ngen, was releasing a brand new disc full of Loney, Dear material, I was more than excited to just have the chance to grab atleast one song similar to my first impression. What I recieved was an album that was built to spill with lush and blissful bright indie pop. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Hard Days”.

-> Loney, Dear- I Am John [mp3]
-> Loney, Dear- Carrying a Stone [mp3]

buy loney, noir here.

30. the avett brothers: emotionalism

I was introduced to The Avett Brothers through this introduction (exclaims the band on the album cover), and this gave me the chance to check out some of their earlier work. I can comfortably state that Emotionalism is a definitive statement from this group. One of the more aesthetically poweful folk albums of the year, this piece blooms with emotion (hence the title) while holding on tight to raw folk roots. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Paranoia in Bb Major”.

-> The Avett Brothers- Die Die Die [mp3]
-> The Avett Brothers- Paranoia in Bb Major [mp3]

buy emotionalism here.

29. interpol: our love to admire

Interpol’s new album didn’t get a lot of love from the end of the year lists this time around, but the fact of the matter for me is that this is still frunking Interpol, and the majority of this disc is a roundup of some mighty gems. The one thing that ticks me off are people that always believe a band’s first album is their best, and gives barely a chance to whatever albums come after that first one. If you give this album a fair chance, it’ll come out making quite the impression on you. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Pace Is the Trick”

-> Interpol- Pace Is the Trick [mp3]
-> Interpol- Rest My Chemistry [mp3]

buy our love to admire here.

top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part i (44-41)
top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part ii (40-37)
top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iii (36-33)

January 2, 2008

Hi 2008

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My posting checklist is about 8 feet long as of now; loaded with seemingly endless tasks and promises I still need to fufill, so hopefully that will explain why my New Years post for ’08 comes at about late night on January 2nd. I still have a good 8 more best albums to go, and I need to keep up with a relentless and jam-packed beginning to the year. I’ll get to that in a little bit, but first, I’ll give you some good ole New Year tunes.

-> The Go Find- The New Year [mp3]
-> The Walkmen- New Years Eve [mp3]
-> Sarah Blasko- Planet New Year [mp3]

Now, like I said earlier, this year already has a rapid start with music, so I’d like to share with you some of the upcoming releases that have made their way to my headphones a tad bit before the official release.

The Mountain Goats’ Heretic Pride
Nada Surf’s Lucky
Vampire Weekend’s Vampire Weekend
Hot Chip’s Made In the Dark
Jonny Greenwood’s score for There Will Be Blood (This came out in December this year, but the film will not see wide release until early 2008)

The previous are the upcoming releases that caught my ear, so I’ll give them a chance to catch yours now.

-> The Mountain Goats- Tianchi Lake [mp3]
-> Nada Surf- Weightless [mp3]
-> Vampire Weekend- M79 (New and Improved) [mp3]
-> Hot Chip- Ready For the Floor [mp3]
-> Jonny Greenwood- Open Spaces [mp3]

December 26, 2007

So Long ’till the Zero Eight

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So it seems that my trip to Northern Michigan will not only completely eradicate any communication I’ll have with the interweb, but it will also be responsible for me not returning until the night of the eve of the new year. Of course there’s some little get-together going on, so you may not be hearing from me until the new calenders have been pinned to the walls, but maybe if I bust some moves on the ole highway on the 31st I’ll be able to put together some sort of New Years post. Cheers. And have a very good week.

December 25, 2007

The 25 Days of Christmas: Part 24 (Eve Special)

Tomorrow is Christmas, and tonight is Christmas Eve. I hope you all have enjoyed the past 28 days, so I’m gonna throw together a bunch of new Christmas mp3s and give you the links to all the previous ones. Enjoy! (P.S. – It seems i’ve dipped into the actual 25th! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight).

-> My Morning Jacket- Xmas Time Is Here [mp3]
-> Bing Crosby- White Christmas [mp3]
-> Low- Just Like Christmas [mp3]
-> The Raveonettes- The Christmas Song [mp3]
-> The Killers- A Great Big Sled [mp3]
-> Fiona Apple- Frosty the Snowman [mp3]
-> Bing Crosby- Silent Night [mp3]
-> Sufjan Stevens- Away In A Manger [mp3]
-> Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians- ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas [mp3]
-> Andy Williams- O Holy Night [mp3]

All Together Now
-> The Carpenters- The Christmas Song [mp3]
-> Sufjan Stevens- Put the Lights On the Tree [mp3]
-> Nat King Cole- Hark! The Herald Angels Sing [mp3]
-> Gene Autry- Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer [mp3]
-> Phantom Planet- Winter Wonderland [mp3]
-> Sufjan Stevens- Holy, Holy, Holy [mp3]
-> Vaughn Monroe- Let It Snow [mp3]
-> Fountains of Wayne- Valley Winter Song [mp3]
-> Vince Guaraldi Trio and the Cast of Charlie Brown- Christmas Time Is Here [mp3]
-> Elmo & Patsy- Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer [mp3]
-> Iron & Wine- Sodom, South Georgia [mp3]
-> The Swimmers- The Christmas Sound [mp3]
-> Bobby Helms- Jingle Bell Rock [mp3]
-> Sufjan Stevens- Star of Wonder [mp3]
-> Vince Guaraldi Trio- O Tannenbaum [mp3]
-> Alvin & The Chipmunks- The Chipmunk Song [mp3]
-> Sufjan Stevens- That Was the Worst Christmas Ever [mp3]
-> Mark Mothersbaugh- Sparkplug Minuet [mp3]
-> The Walkmen- The Christmas Party [mp3]
-> Chet Atkins- Jolly Old St. Nicholas [mp3]
-> Johnny Mathis- The First Noel [mp3]
-> Jeff Grant- Christmas [mp3]
-> Ryan Adams- Hey Parker, It’s Christmas [mp3]
-> The Bird and The Bee- Carol of Bells [mp3]
-> The Polyphonic Spree- Carol of Bells (Tim’s About To Lose His Marble) [mp3]
-> Roger Whittaker- The 12 Days of Christmas [mp3]
-> Burl Ives- Christmas Can’t Be Far Away [mp3]

and that’s some good ole fun x-mas. Merry Christmas once again.

December 23, 2007

The 25 Days of Christmas: Part 23

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2 more days…

-> Burl Ives- Christmas Can’t Be Far Away [mp3]

December 22, 2007

The 25 Days of Christmas: Part 22

Wow, the days been hectic as 28 of my old high school friends will shuffle down my basement stairs in a few hours and cram into a roygbiv glowing room while showering in cheap light beer and sip sliding shots from an ice luge. Oh and everyone is required to be wearing a very cheerful Christmas sweater. It should be some fun. But here’s yr mp3.

-> Roger Whittaker- The 12 Days of Christmas [mp3]

December 21, 2007

The 25 Days of Christmas: Part 20 / 21

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Apologies again, decorating for my annual Christmas drink fest is in full drive and I’ve been busy busy busy.

-> The Bird and The Bee- Carol of Bells [mp3]
-> The Polyphonic Spree- Carol of Bells (Tim’s About To Lose His Marbles) [mp3]

December 20, 2007

The 25 Days of Christmas: Part 19

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Wow, only 6 days left. There has been 22 Christmasy Christmas jingles thus far! so don’t forget them.

-> Ryan Adams- Hey Parker, It’s Christmas [mp3]

December 18, 2007

The 25 Days of Christmas: Part 18

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In celebration of M. Bison recently releasing their EP, here’s Jeff Grant to put out some X-Mas vibes for everyone.

-> Jeff Grant- Christmas [mp3]

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