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August 30, 2007

Kanye Vs. 50, Leaks, etc.

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Ok Ok Ok. So Kanye leaked and Curtis leaked, and while on the wonderfully helpful and fun atease.com messageboard, there on the top of page 15 of the “Kanye West- Graduation, The Official Thread” was a message from a user calling themselves “Kanye West.” Now, If this was, or if this wasn’t the real Kanye West, the message still gave me greatest impression for-anti album downloading I have ever seen. In its sense, it was Kanye West, one of the world’s biggest rappers, on an indie alternative music messageboard, begging a group of nerdy nerds to put down the links and buy his album on the 11th. I thought I would try to emphasize this whole thing. First off, I know it seem as if I should be grouped with the murderers and rapists of blogging crime because of me posting leaked songs and so forth, but those songs are intended to be heard and liked and eventually be used as a springboard to buying the material by the artist that the song is from, if not the artist’s entire discography. It is true that I do download the leaked albums, but anytime I do I’ll pre-order the album on vinyl, and if it’s not available in that format, then on CD, and if not available at all, then I have to remember to buy it when it comes out, which usually goes as smooth as possible. Come on now, this is their profession, I know people like 50 Cent and Kanye West seem brattish because of the money they have and get from these albums, but I mean, look at what happened to Flava Flav, most people aren’t the Beatles or the Stones, they can’t do it forever. And hell, half the bands on this sight are not swimming in piles of gold like Uncle Scrooge McDuck. Sample the songs here. Buy the album. Rock out.

MP3: Kanye West- Everything I Am


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